If we need to live a richer life, we need to first understand what’s non-negotiable and then live our life in full acceptance of the non-negotiable items. This indeed seems to be the underlying source of strength for all great men and women.

I had the chance to attend a wonderful program named “mystic eye” conducted by Sadhguru last Sunday – thanks to the advice of a friend who had attended an earlier program. For just over four hours, Sadhguru held the entire audience enthralled with his amazing wisdom on how to live a life of possibility.

He brought home the fact that we had one common non-negotiable – all of us are going to die someday. At first this fact seems morbid, but when we look closer – when we accept the fact that we have a limited life and the clock is ticking – it makes us alert and sensitive to the world around us.  You appreciate life better. Think about it – a tourist  soaks in the sights and culture better than the permanent resident (who often tends to take things for granted).

Its also worth reflecting on the fact that while death is a certainty, we don’t know when it will happen. It can happen a hundred years from now or very, very soon. And there’s no way you can really predict this at all.

The above two facts – of humans living limited life spans, and we don’t really know the expiry date – it makes sense for us to live each day as if its our last day – and focussing every day not just on what we need to “survive” but also on the immense possibilities that exist within each of us. Whether its a piece of art we want to create, or an exploration of our spiritual side –  bringing that into an everyday context imbues energy and meaning into our lives.

So that’s all we need to really do – live a super life – but a day at a time. We wake up in the morning meditating on the fact that we have been given a day to live. We also express gratitude for the various things given to us – relationships, nature – there’s so much really. Every hour through the day, we acknowledge the fact we are still alive – and smile – indeed, what could be a better reason for a smile than this? And at the end of the day, we release all our plans, burdens and attachments out of our system and prepare to die into the night. We can then pick up our baggage next day – albeit appreciating the fact that all our attachments and plans are baggage (perhaps previous baggage!). And this sets our life into one overflowing with appreciation, equilibrium and meaning.

Thinking about it, it seems impossible to even attempt. But when you give it a go (doing and not thinking) – it does work.  So tonight close your eyes and let everything dissolve  into the night and may tomorrow bring in a day of cheer and equilibrium……

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  1. Kiran says:

    I wish that the motivation to soak in what life has to offer to help live a fulfilling life as against the fear of death making it an imperative to make the most of what is on offer. Both perspectives have their pros and cons, as with everything else. If nothing else sure death and the ticking clock is the best motivation….else the beauty of the sun rise and the lovely soft light of the moon and everything in between have the potential to make our life fulfilling. Some of the best things in life are known to be free….everything else we put our effort for are necessary (and at times unnecessary) distractions. My 2 cents.

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